Career Services

BCA employs qualified employment specialists who will assist you in finding the right job. Our services consist of the following areas of assistance:

    • Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    • Successful Interview Techniques
    • Job Search Techniques

BCA offers a personalized Career Services program to assist students for the duration of their study program. Our onsite employment specialists will assist in every step of the professional placement spectrum. BCA’s employment specialists help students craft and edit their resumes to reflect newly-acquired skills and experience, as well as incorporating relevant work experience from a student’s previous employment record. BCA’s employment specialists also train its students to ace job interviews by conducting interview simulations. The practice that a student gains from these interview simulations enables the BCA graduate to succeed in actual employment interview situations.

BCA offers one of the most comprehensive job placement assistance services in the market today. Once a student has completed his/her internship and program requirements, our employment specialists will begin the process of carefully matching students with possible job opportunities in their field. Students’ resumes will be proactively sent out to the appropriate employers, recruiters, agencies, and headhunters. This type of hands-on professional service allows BCA to cement its position as a training institution committed to the success of its graduates.


Internships are crucial in developing the skills and training of students. At BCA, we ensure that our students are prepared to carry out the tasks expected of them at their workplaces. By providing internship opportunities for its students, BCA allows its students to have first-hand experience in the challenges of their chosen industries. This practical experience allows them to then feel confident and ready to put their skills to use in their future full-time employment placements.

Internship experiences at BCA are evaluated through reflection and evaluation classes run by BCA’s employment specialists. By helping its students maximize their learning from internships, BCA ensures that its graduates are adequately prepared to meet the evolving challenges of a complex and demanding workplace.

Job Placement Assistance

At BCA, we provide resources to help prepare our students for success. Our Career Services department is always there to help students, we will work with you to ensure that you have all the needed skills to find the employment opportunity of your dreams.

We will assist you in preparing comprehensive cover letters that stand out. We teach you how to craft a resume that gets you multiple interviews. We provide workshops, one-on-one counseling, and informative sessions that help guide you throughout the creative process of casting a wide net to generate numerous interview opportunities, and the first steps towards narrowing down your job offers and picking the career that is right for you. BCA’s vast network of connections is properly utilized to ensure the perfect match between an employer and its new future employee.

Employer Services

Our Career Services team is dedicated to developing, cultivating and enriching our relationship with employers, recruiters, agencies, and head-hunters that provide our students internships. As an employer we are happy to help bridge your organization’s job demands with highly qualified graduates. At BCA we not only help our students reach their career goals, but we ensure they graduate enthusiastically motivated and highly-competent to be job ready in months. Your organization will make a big impact to our graduates by helping them with volunteer, internship or permanent job placements. We are ready to discuss internship and work opportunities with your office. Please send your profile by email at We look forward to hearing from you.